Writers Block

March 23rd, 2007 + 12:03 PM  ·  Punchbear

I think that I'm undergoing a serious bout of writers block.  I've not written a song in over two months, not recorded anything.  Maybe it's the new job, maybe it's the environment at home, maybe it's just that I've hit an impasse and need different stimuli, new inspiration.  Maybe I just need to fall in love sometime soon. 

I've not had that fizzy hum of a song forming in the back of my brain and I'm beginning to miss it.

Girl Is Sunshine

December 2nd, 2007 + 8:12 PM  ·  Punchbear

Rough recording of a tune that I think is really catchy.

Lend Me Your Giants

July 28th, 2007 + 2:07 PM  ·  Punchbear

So finally, after years of threatening it, I got myself an Edirol FA-66 and an AKG 200 mic and here's the first rough new tune I've recorded with them.  Song's written about a stag week I just went on in Ireland, a gathering of old mates in a cottage on an island, before the first one bites the dust as it were, no more acting the maggot and partying but needing to keep these bonds of friendship alive.  They're so important.  And the weird thing when I was writing it is that I had this vague "Saving Private Ryan" thing in the back of my mind and somehow the lyrics could double up for soldiers about to go into or coming from combat.  Anyways, hope ye enjoy it.  PB

Lend Us Your Giants

Are you coming with us away from this shore,
Where the sun hangs low and chases our flaws,
To silent roads and steady declines,
To the straw of our youth and our lost valentines

When the ramp hits the beach, you can feel your soul thaw,
As the motors start up and the wheels start to roll,
And bless this here tin that is gold in your paw,
We'll have words with our giants on the shoulders of gods.

And wave goodbye to certainty,
It's not too far from here you see,
A time like this isn't everyday,
It's a serious business making memories.

We'll gather ourselves in this room while we can,
Each one a star in this lifes firmament,
And we'll drink like heroes like only we should,
bonded by pain, laughter and this strange brotherhood

We'll drain our glasses in memory of those now gone,
Offer them praises in word, deed and song,
We'll think about those who couldn't be there today,
Warm in the thoughts of our shared yesterdays.

And say hello to fraternity,
It's the be-all end-all here you see,
A time like this is so damn precious,
We do so love our unholy messes.

And when we're all done with our brief ecstacy,
And the sky has dulled to a warm aniseed,
We'll clap backs, shake hands and each to disappear,
To the corner of the world he calls home.

And stick the boot in for comedy,
That's why we're all here you see,
Our houses and cars get left at the door,
For the briefest of times, who could ask for more?


Edirol Firewire FA-66: no sound whatsoever.

June 28th, 2007 + 7:06 AM  ·  Punchbear

I finally, after all this time, got round to buying an audio interface and a decent microphone.  I finally plumped for the Roland Firewire FA-66 and an AKG Perception 200.  Got them home, fired up the Powerbook, hooked the mic up to the interface, set my sound input source to Edirol FA-66 (instantly recognised) and started GarageBand ...... and nowt.  Zilch.  Nada.

The mic is properly plugged into the interface, I have the phantom power on, recording rate is set to 96, all outputs are on full and no amount of switching the mix between monitor and direct seems to have an effect.  Unplugging the mic registers as a wee spike in the Powerbooks input levels but otherwise no signal.  The lead for the mic is brand new.  I tried DI'ing my guitar with the same results.  Nada.  I've yet to test the headphones to see if a monitor signal is coming through at all but thus far, no sound. 

Any suggestions, before I take it back to the shop and bounce it off the blokes head.  Repeatedly.



May 27th, 2007 + 12:05 PM  ·  Punchbear

Lyrics for Doubtless.  First song I've written in two months and the lyrics are a bit too simple I think but they suit the song.

Hey there, I think I have to talk to you
I'd like to explain the truth
It's useless, to play out this game for two
But right now it's fun, but soon...

But soon

I can't seem to get over this wall to you
I know that you'd like me to
I don't know what you've got planned for us
We should probably stop before it's too late

Before I need it
I need it
I need it

Pointless, that's how it all seems with you
I know that it's sad, but true
Doubtless, I'll end up just hurting you
But you don't seem to mind, do you?

But I need it
I need it
I need it


March 30th, 2007 + 6:03 PM  ·  Punchbear

I'd not really thought much about the lyrics to this song, apart from the chorus, until I was asked to post them by another BAmper.  And now in retrospect, their simplicity really appeals to me.

I've lived this life
inside this tiny mind
searching for
what I can never find
And it's been so hard
for me to get this far
don't mess it up
I might just take you to heart

And I've found my benchmark

Don't mess around
with this boys tiny heart
And it's been so hard
for me to get this far
don't muck it up
I might just take it to heart

And I've found my benchmark

Don't screw around
with this boys tiny soul
Don't mess around
You mightn't come out just whole

And I've found my benchmark

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